Columbus Baseball Organization


The emphasis in this division is not on winning, but on player development and having fun.


1) Each player will receive 6 pitches or 3 strikes. There are no limits to the number of foul balls on the 6th pitch or 3rd strike.

2) This league will use continuous batting order meaning everyone present will be in the lineup. If a player has to leave early due to circumstances beyond his control, his name will be skipped when it is his turn to bat.

3) Teams will play 9 players defensively using 4 outfielders and no player as catcher.

4) Helmets must be worn from the time a player leaves the dugout until they return.

5) The ball will become dead once the lead runner is contained and play has stopped.

6) Runners may advance one base on an overthrow.

7) No runner may advance when the pitcher has control of the ball. The pitcher is defined as A Player not the Pitching Coach. Control of the ball is defined as Player pitcher controlling ball in glove and within 6 feet of Pitching Coach.

8) A inning will be over when a team scores 6 runs or 3 outs are recorded.

9) No base stealing

10) Games will start at their scheduled time.

Please try to get your child to practice and games on time. We understand this can be difficult at times and impossible at other times, but it's really hard to conduct practice or get ready for a game when players continually show up late. If you know your child will be late or won't be able to make it to a practice or game, please let your coaches know in advance if possible.  If possible parents please get involved in playing baseball with your child. This may be helping out at practice or playing catch in the yard on days we don't practice. Kids love it when their parents get involved even if Mom or Dad didn't play in the major leagues ;). Repetition is also crucial for skill improvement. There simply isn't enough organized practice time for the kids. They need to practice building their skills at home.

Coach Pitch will start on May 14th and running through July 18th, playing every Monday and Wednesday. The first four days on the schedules (5/14, 5/16, 5/21 and 5/24) we use as practice time. The Wednesday after Memorial Day (5/30) is the first scheduled game.