Columbus Baseball Organization


The emphasis in this division is not on winning, but on introducing players to the game of baseball and having fun!


1) Every player bats in each inning. 

2) Defense can make an out, but will not be limited to 3 outs.

3) Each player will be given equal playing time and the opportunity to play all positions.

Please try to get your child to practice and games on time. We understand this can be difficult at times and impossible at other times, but it's really hard to conduct practice or get ready for a game when players continually show up late. If you know your child will be late or won't be able to make it to a practice or game, please let your coaches know in advance if possible.  If possible parents please get involved in playing baseball with your child. This may be helping out at practice or playing catch in the yard on days we don't practice. Kids love it when their parents get involved even if Mom or Dad didn't play in the major leagues ;). Repetition is also crucial for skill improvement. There simply isn't enough organized practice time for the kids. They need to practice building their skills at home.